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Asbestos Removal Services, Inc., (ARSI) has completed work at the Missouri State Penitentiary that will allow development plans for the old prison site to move forward.


ARSI has completed mold remediation work at the MSP that threatened to slow development at the site. State and local officials often contract with ARSI when they need to remediate nasty hazards like asbestos, mold, or lead paint. That's what brought ARSI President Warren Prost inside the walls of the MSP.


"The Missouri State Penitentiary is a classic part of the fabric of Jefferson City and of the state of Missouri," Prost said. "While the architecture there is fascinating, it's the history that really makes the MSP special."


Mold levels inside the MSP had become so high in 2013 that the Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) determined the site unsafe for tourists and canceled the balance of the 2013 prison tour schedule.


"When the CVB canceled the rest of the 2013 schedule, the future of the prison tours looked bleak due to lack of funding for repairs," Prost said. But the State of Missouri and the City of Jefferson banded together to get ARSI working inside the prison to clean up the mold in several of the buildings, fix deteriorating pipe insulation, and, literally, give the MSP a new coat of paint. ARSI was finished with most of their work just in time for the beginning of the CVB's 2014 prison tour schedule.


"Our guys were able to meet the CVB tour deadline and make the MSP site safe and more pleasant for the public," Prost said.


The Missouri State Penitentiary .  After abatement, some structures come down.       New roof going on after asbestos containing roof has been removed.Housing unit 3.  Housing Unit 3 cell prior to loose paint removal.Housing Unit 3 cell prior to loose paint removal.Housing Unit 3 cell prior to loose paint removal.       Housing Unit 3 cell prior to loose paint removal.After loose paint removed.After loose paint removed.Housing unit 3.Repairs to gas chamber underway.Housing unit 4.After loose paint has been removed and sealer put on walls to prevent further deterioration. Mold and loose paint removal underway so tours could resume.Sometimes finding and exposing piping to be abated is half the work. In many cases it is more economical to remove a window or door that may have asbestos caulk and glazing, rather than trying to remove the asbestos containing materials.Labeled, wrapped pipe with asbestos containing insulation to be disposed of.Steam piping after asbestos containing insulation has been removed.Machine used to create negative air pressure within a containment area. Air is cleaned through a HEPA filter and exhausted outside the building.After loose paint removed.After mold and loose paint removedAbatement and demolition nearing completion.43 - 43<>



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