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Corporate Profile


Asbestos Removal Services (ARSI) was incorporated in 1985 and is celebrating its 30th year in business in 2015.  Since its inception, ARSI has completed over 4500 environmental and demolition projects throughout the state of Missouri.  ARSI specializes in the identification and removal of asbestos, lead paint and mold, helping our clients rid themselves of problems associated with these environmental concerns. As a result  of our experience in removing environmentally sensitive  building components, we are very proficient at the demolition of structures.  Whether it be a total demolition at the end of a building’s useful life, or an interior architectural demolition for an extensive remodel job, ARSI is well equipped to handle jobs of all sizes, up  to 250,000 s.f.


Warren Prost, President and Owner of ARSI, has been engaged full-time in the construction and environmental contracting field since 1981.  In 1996 ARSI constructed an office building and warehouse on a 3 acre site at the intersection of U.S. Highways 54 and 63, in Holts Summit, MO., across the Missouri River from Jefferson City.


ARSI maintains a workforce of two full-time administrative office staff, three project managers, four inspectors, eight supervisors and a field workforce of 20-40 fully trained and experienced environmental and demolition laborers.


Our core base of customers is located in central Missouri, consisting of both public and private sector entities including, schools, housing authorities, churches, hospitals, manufacturing plants, warehouses, retail businesses, and utilities as well as agricultural and residential clients.  However, we have served many customers with environmental and demolition needs throughout the state of Missouri.



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Asbestos Removal Services

P.O. Box 105287

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